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The development prospects of lead-free heat stabilizers in my country can be expected

Thermal stabilizer is the main auxiliary used in the processing of PVC products, used to improve the thermal stability of PVC products. The traditional heat stabilizer is lead-containing heat stabilizer. Because of the toxicity of lead, European and American countries are rapidly reducing the use of lead-containing heat stabilizers. Some European countries have stipulated that the use of lead-containing heat stabilizers will be completely stopped by 2015. Although my country does not mandate the elimination period, it encourages the development of lead-free heat stabilizers to speed up the replacement process.


The key development varieties of lead-free heat stabilizers are rare earth heat stabilizers, organotin heat stabilizers and calcium-zinc composite heat stabilizers. Chinese enterprises have taken the lead in realizing the industrialization of rare earth heat stabilizers in the world. The raw materials of rare earth elements are mainly lanthanum and cerium rare earth compounds. They are safe, hygienic, and non-radioactive. They have been used in the production of export plastic toys for many years and have enjoyed considerable popularity in the international market. my country has the advantages of rare earth resources, and rare earth heat stabilizers should be the first choice for the development of lead-free heat stabilizers in my country.


    Organotin heat stabilizer is the leading variety in European and American countries, with good comprehensive performance, but the price is higher, and my country also has more room for development in the future.


The composite heat stabilizer can integrate the characteristics of a variety of heat stabilizers(PVC stabilizer). Among them, the calcium-zinc composite heat stabilizer is non-toxic and harmless. It is mainly used for profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, plastic products for food packaging, cling film products, etc. With the continuous advancement of calcium-zinc stabilizer products, calcium-zinc stabilizers will be widely used in cable, medical equipment, foam products, wood plastic and other industries.


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