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Environmental protection of heat stabilizers for PVC products has a long way to go

With the gradual strengthening of global environmental protection and health awareness, plastic heat stabilizers will develop towards low toxicity, pollution-free, compound and high efficiency. Among them, calcium/zinc compound stabilizers are a class of competitive products. Some foreign calcium/zinc stabilizers have better performance and higher sales prices in China, but the amount in the product is relatively small, only 2-3 parts. At present, many domestic manufacturers use German products.


    In order to meet the requirements of the lead ban, my country's heat stabilizer manufacturers should step up the adjustment of product structure, and develop low-toxic, non-polluting, composite and high-efficiency heat stabilizers as substitute products for lead salts as soon as possible.Lead stabilizer


"Advancing the process of environmental protection of heat stabilizers and accelerating the pace of lead banning in the PVC products industry is the general trend of the development of China's plastics industry." Cao Jian, executive vice president of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that accelerating the process of environmental protection in the PVC products industry is not only It is the external environment's requirements for the plastics processing industry, and it is also the internal demand of the plastics industry itself to accelerate structural adjustment, enhance innovation-driven capabilities, and achieve industrial upgrading and sustainable development. Plastic products are closely related to people's lives, and ensuring the safety of plastic products is a social responsibility and obligation that the plastics industry must undertake.


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