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What is PVC wood-plastic foam board, and what are the application fields of wood plastic composite?

PVC wood plastic foam board is a PVC core layer foam board with continuous hard skin and closed cell structure in the core, which is chemically foamed by the “Celuka” method. It is a new structural plate with uniform thickness made of various mixed PVC raw materials, wood fibers, and functional additives through a special wood plastic extruder at a specific temperature and pressure. Its skin is shaped by the sudden cooling of the external mold to form a new plate with non-foaming skin and foaming structure in the core layer.

Wood-plastic composites have a wide range of applications. Wood-plastic composites can be used to replace wood or wood materials.

Building structural materials: indoor and outdoor planks, fences, building templates, moisture-proof partitions, stair boards, handrails, door and window frames, water buildings, road boards, etc

PVC wood plastic foam board has been successfully used as building formwork in urbanization projects, square tunnels, and other projects.

Automobile manufacturing: door trim panel, bottom plate, seatback, instrument panel, armrest, seat, base, top plate, etc.

Logistics: Transportation pallets and export packaging pallets of various specifications, warehouse bedding plates, various packaging boxes, transportation glass shelves, etc.

Gardening: outdoor tables and chairs, courtyard armrest and decorative board, flower box, open-air floor, waste box, etc.

Interior decoration: various decorative strips, decorative plates, mirror frame strips, curtain rings and decorative parts, movable shutters, ceilings, wall panels, etc

Wood-plastic composites can also be used in the packaging industry, furniture manufacturing, composite pipes, railway sleepers, etc. it is believed that the application field of wood-plastic composites will be further broadened in the coming future.


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