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PVC furniture board and its prospect-1

PVC furniture board has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, low water absorption, drilling, sawing, routing, easy to thermoforming & hot bending, and so on. It is widely used in furniture, cabinet, bath cabinet, exhibition frame board, box substrates, indoor and outdoor decorations, building materials, chemical industry, and other fields.

PVC furniture board refers to the skin foaming board with PVC as the primary raw material, which can be made into PVC products according to the design and processing of wood furniture. The surface can be printed, embossed, laminated, with features of flame-resistant, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, and long application life.

Product performance and advantages: 

1. waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, mothproof, lightweight, heat preservation, sound insulation, shock absorption

2. It has the same processing as wood, and its processing performance is far better than wood

3. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum, and composite board

Application areas: 

1. cabinet board, cabinet decoration, kitchen decoration.

2. Bath cabinet board, bath cabinet decoration, bathroom decoration.

3. Furniture board, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, bed board, bookcase board, wardrobe board.


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