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Polyvinyl Chloride PVC -4

5.2 Healthcare

PVC in Healthcare

PVC has been used for hundreds of life-saving and healthcare products for almost 50 years being used in surgery, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery and medical packaging due to its unrivalled performance characteristics and cost-efficiency.

Typical examples of PVC healthcare products include:

"Artificial skin" in emergency burns treatment

Blood and plasma transfusion sets

Blood vessels for artificial kidneys

Catheters and cannulae

Blood bags

Containers for intravenous solution giving sets

Container for urine continence and ostomy products

Endotracheal tubing

Inflatable splints

Surgical and examination gloves

Shatter-proof bottles and jars


Protective sheeting and tailored covers

Mattress and bedding covers

Wall and floor coverings

Blister and dosage packs for pharmaceuticals and medicines

Flexible PVC is used to make blood storage bags, and in fact is the only material approved by the European Pharmacopoeia for this purpose. The nature of the material means that blood can be stored safely for longer.

PVC Pharmaceutical PackagingPVC packaging is also widely used in the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Other examples of PVC healthcare products: "Artificial skin" in emergency burns treatment, blood and plasma transfusion sets, blood vessels for artificial kidneys, catheters, blood bags, containers for intravenous solution giving sets, container for urine continence and ostomy products, endotracheal tubing, feeding and pressure monitoring tubing, inhalation masks, surgical and examination gloves, shatter-proof bottles and jars, mattress and bedding covers and blister and dosage packs for pharmaceuticals and medicines

5.3 Electronics

PVC  was first used as cable insulation as a replacement for rubber during the Second World War and continues to be used widely to this day due to its flexibility, ease of handling in installation and inherent flame retardation.

PVC cables do not harden and crack over time and find use in many applications from telecommunications to electric blankets.

5.4 Automotive

PVC in AutomotiveTypical examples of PVC automotive components include:

Instrument panels and associated mouldings

Interior Door Panels and Pockets

Sun Visors

Seat Coverings

Mud Flaps

Underbody Coating

Auto Harness Wiring    

PVC brings both high performance qualities and important cost benefits to the automotive industry. Independent research by Mavel Consultants has shown that the typical cost of using alternative materials is in a range 20-100% higher per component.

Automotive applications: Instrument panels and associated mouldings, interior door panels and pockets, sun visors, seat coverings, headlining, seals, mud flaps, underbody coating, floor coverings, exterior side moulding and protective strips and anti-stone damage protection.

5.5 Sport

As PVC is a highly versatile construction material with a favourable environmental footprint it is extensively used in the construction of sporting venues.  This includes use in seating, roofings, floorings as well as piping and electrical wiring.   Some examples of sporting venues using PVC for their roopfing membranes are shown below.

PVC Use in Sprt Stadiums

1. Gottlieb Daimler Stadion roof, Stuttgart. 

2. Lords Cricket Ground roof. 

3. Volksparkstadion roof, Hamburg. 

4. Cape Town World Cup 2010 Stadium. 

In addition to use in stadiums and sporting venues, PVC is used extensively by athletes from the clothes and shoes they wear to the equipment they use and the surfaces they compete on.

PVC in Sporting Applications

1 Basketball court. 

2 All weather sailing protection 

3 Inflatable climbing wall. 

Other sporting applications: performance sports surfaces, sports equipment, clothing, protective barriers, matting, wiring and piping infrastructure.

5.6  Coated Fabrics

PVC Life Raft PVC is widely used in coated fabrics applications, this includes use in emergency shelters to help people at times of disaster


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