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Why should work sites use recycled PVC for materials?

The use of plastics in street and road works is often unavoidable, with durable materials required to keep the public and workforce safe. Traditionally, plastic has been a top choice for products use in street works, construction sites and events due to its durability and realiability. As pressure rises to reduce our impact on the environment, finding the most sustainable product is high on the agenda for many site mangers.

What is recycled PVC?

In many of plastics products, recycled PVC is material from discarded or semi-finished PVC items. Rather than send this material to landfill, it is instead used within a new product. As restrictions around plastic usage rise, with many pushing for increased traceability and a circular economy, recycled PVC can ensure sites are both compliant and environmentally friendly.

PVC’s advanced mechanical recycling properties, combined with the large volumes of waste available, make it a well-suited material for work site products. Recycled PVC production saves up to 90% more energy than virgin PVC production, preventing a substantial amount of greenhouse gases, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and reducing landfill volumes of PVC.

What are the benefits of using it on work sites?

There are many considerations when reviewing products needed on a work site including durability, safety, efficiency and ease of use. Whether you’re working with traffic cones, trench covers, signage or crowd control products, making sure the ones you choose meet all the above requirements is key.

As recycled PVC is both highly durable and efficient in nature, it works as a good replacement for virgin materials without depleting natural resources. And recycled PVC stands out as a hard-wearing, quality solution that doesn’t compromise on environmental policy.


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