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Cable: Insulating and sheathing mixtures from PVC

Polyvinyl chloride is one of the most frequently used polymers for cables. Nearly 90 percent of all cables for voltages of under 1000 are PVC-insulated. PVC is the material of choice for both insulation and sheathing mixtures up to the high-voltage range. PVC cables are used as underground cables, installation cables and heat conductors. Their area of application is immense, ranging from telecommunications all the way to the automotive industry. The most important challenges include tough mechanical stress as well as great temperature fluctuations.

In the PVC cable segment, Novista offers standard stabilizer systems (e.g. calcium/zinc) as well as customer-specific solutions. Our products guarantee full operability in all conditions.

PVC cables – your benefits
high insulating capacity
excellent mechanical properties
long lifespan, highly resilient
highly cost-effective

Influence of PVC stabilizers
Stabilizer systems have a significant influence on the application spectrum and the performance of PVC cables. With compounds on the basis of our calcium/zinc systems, we are able to offer customers a cost-effective solution that fulfills all the requirements of the highly regulated cable sector.


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