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What effect can colorant have on stabilizer-PVC stabilizer

The effect of colorants on the performance of light stabilizers in colored plastic products mainly has two effects. The colorant contains heavy metal elements or impurities such as copper, manganese, and nickel. It has photoactivity and sensitivity, catalyzes and accelerates the photoaging speed of plastic materials.PVC stabilizer

Phthalocyanine blue containing free copper and impurities will promote the light aging of polypropylene; iron oxide red can reduce the light stabilizer of benzotriazole, benzophenone and organic nickel salt in polypropylene by more than 20%; for polyethylene , The use of colorants such as titanium dioxide, ultramarine blue, chromium oxide green, cobalt green, iron red, etc. will aggravate photoaging.

The second is that certain colorants with molecular structures can interact with light stabilizers and directly weaken the performance of light stabilizers. Acidic colorants can lose hindered amine light stabilizers; in polypropylene, azo red and yellow can interact with hindered amine light stabilizers. Azo Condensation Red BR and Azo Condensation Yellow 3G can reduce hindered amine light stabilizers by about 25% and 50%, respectively.


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