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What is the current status of environmentally friendly Ca Zn stabilizer-Ca Zn stabilizer

 Current status of Ca Zn stabilizer

1. Through the static thermal stability time of dry mix and the thermal aging test in the commercial oven, the calcium-zinc stabilizer performs slightly worse than the composite lead salt stabilizer, but from the thermal aging test in the product oven, it can meet the production requirements.

2. The weather resistance of environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers and lead salts from different manufacturers are not the same. The weather resistance of calcium-zinc stabilizers is almost comparable to that of lead salts. At the same time, the weather resistance can also be added to the stabilizer or formula to resist aging Agent to achieve.

3. The online processing range of calcium and zinc stabilizers is slightly worse than that of lead salt. The products appear greenish and the color is unstable. It is recommended to adjust the stabilizer manufacturers.

4. Calcium-zinc stabilizer production products, the produced precipitates are mainly materials that are easy to precipitate in the stabilizer and low melting point small molecules. On the basis of ensuring plasticization, reducing unnecessary slip agents can extend the mold cleaning cycle. Reducing precipitation and extending the mold cleaning cycle should be the main breakthrough point.

5. The production process of calcium and zinc is unstable, and product color changes and product performance changes often occur. In order to reduce costs, some calcium and zinc manufacturers use some metals and reactive materials, causing the cooling water to turn red.

6. Add various pigments to the calcium and zinc stabilizer to adjust the hue of the product, causing the product to change color.


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