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Calcium zinc stabilizer

  • NV-7622232
  • NV-7622232


  • Product description: NV-7622232
Main Components:
Complex blend of Ca -Zn soaps.

Physical Properties:
Appearance: White or light yellowish powder Volatility : < 3%

1.Suitable for light or white electric wire&cable jacket and insulation accordance with UL-105 requirement ;
2.Provide excellent long-term heat stability property ;
3.Conforms to the green environmental organization standard ROHS and REACH ;
4.Good miscibility with PVC and plasticizer ;
5.Excellent anti-blooming ability and good long-term color stability at heavy dosage of calcium carbonate.

Novista Code Dosage Physical form
7622232 4.0-5.0 White Powder

Package and Storage:
Packed in 20kg or 25kg paper bag (or according to customer's requirement)
--Shelf-life in unopened bag is at least one year, if stored in a cool and dry place.
--Do not expose bags to the weather. Opened bags should always be tightly sealed.
--Product in opened bags should be used as soon as possible.
--Do not pile up or move bags with metal hooks or sharp articles.
It is not dangerous cargo .You should handle the material according to the instruction described on SDS.
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