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Tin stabilizer

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  • T-181


Methyl tin stabilizer is an efficient stabilizer used in PVC hot working process. Its stability, transparency, compatibility and weather resistance are all superior to other organotin heat stabilizers. It is widely used in PVC sheet, panel, tubing and blow molding and injection molding products. It can also be used in food packaging, medicine packaging and non-toxic and harmless PVC products.

Tech Spec
Items Index
Appearance Clear liquid
Tin content, % ≥19.20
Chrominance(Pt-Co) ≤50
Viscosity(25°C,Pa•S) 0.020-0.080
Specific gravity(ρ20°C) 1.17-1.19

Hygiene and safety performance
According to the requirements of EU ROHS 2002/95/EC and follow-up revision, the content of cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBBs and PBDEs is not found (‹MDL); according to US safety standard ASTM D3421-75 testing, 16 kinds of content of Phthalate are not found (‹MDL).

Recommended Dosage
PVC calendaring transparent hard sheet: 0.8-1.2phr
PVC thermal shrink package film and printing film: 1.2-1.6phr PVC colloidal particle: 1.5-2.0phr

Package and storage
220kg plastic /Iron drum or 1200kg IBC tank.

Storing the product in dry, well-ventilated and dark place. Keep the barrel mouth upward. Quality guarantee period is 12 months as from production date.


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