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Why is Calcium Stearate So Significant in PVC? -2

Publisher:Novista  Date:2023-6-2 17:08:09 View quantity:22 

Calcium Stearate Uses in PVC

The chief uses of Calcium Stearate in PVC include the following:

Calcium Stearate curtails friction between PVC grains during refining when used as an internal lubricant.

It is generally used in melt-processed or plasticized PVC.

It is crucial as an external lubricant in rigid PVC, particularly in the absence of plasticizers.

Apart from these, calcium stearate has several other vital applications in various industries, which are listed in the section below.

Calcium Stearate Applications

The different applications of Calcium Stearate are listed below:

It is commonly used as Calcium Stearate PVC Stabilizer and lubricant

It is used as an anti-caking agent in Animal feed and fertilizer.

Calcium stearate serves as an additive for paint and varnish.

Fiber, paper, and asbestos industries use it as a waterproofing agent.

In the processing of A.B.S., Polystyrene, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene, calcium stearate is utilized as a lubricant and acid acceptor.

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